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HiLoad LNG - Offloading from cylindical FLNGs
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The Arc Loading System (ALS) has been developed for safe offloading from a fixed moored cylindrical FLNG. A 360o operational sector is obtained where the LNGC is always positioned “down weather” to maximize safety during the offloading operation.
The HiLoad LNG is equipped with DP2 system, comprising a diesel electric power plant of approx. 15,000 hp and four large azimuth thrusters with total bollard pull capacity of 150 ton. During all phases of the operation, the positioning of the LNGC is carried out by the HiLoad LNG. The FLNG Support vessel is used for heading control of the LNGC by connecting a mooring hawser to the bow of the LNGC.
As shown, the LNGC can rotate along the Arc from 0 to 180⁰ with changing wind, wave and current directions. If the weather continues to change direction more than 180⁰, the LNG offloading operation will stop, the LNG Transfer System will be disconnected from the HiLoad LNG and the HiLoad LNG will move the LNGC away from the FLNG, undock from the LNGC and re-dock on the starboard side of the LNGC.

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